About this Series

The Mevaser Tov series in Hebrew includes dozens of volumes of Chassidic discourses and Talmudic commentaries, authored by the Biala Rebbe shlita and compiled over the course of the last forty years.

In 5763 (1993), Daniel Worenklein and Reuven Mathieson began translating this series, beginning with "Zechus Nashim Tzidkonius - the Merit of the Righteous Women," published by Megamah and distributed by Feldheim.  Four volumes of the series are now available in English through the following link:

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Merit of the Righteous Women
Reward of the Righteous Women
Techiyas HaMeisim
(about praying for the miraculous recovery of the terminally ill)
Sefer HaChaim (about finding meaning and happiness through a life of Torah observance)

and the fifth volume, Mevaser Tov on the Torah, published and distributed independently, is available through this site.

Furture volumes currently under production include:
Shabbos and Festivals
Love and Kindness
The Table of Kings (about healthy eating in the service of the Creator)

A weekly series of translated discourses, distributed by email, began in 5770 and is available free of charge at: mevasertovweekly@gmail.com