Audio Recordings

A collection of audio recordings of the Biala Rebbe's speeches is available on Kol HaLashon.|IMusar|Hasiduth|R0652

Speeches given during the week (such as Chanukah) were recorded live, so you can here the Rebbe himself speaking.  Speeches on Shabbos and Yom Tov were repeated and recorded after Shabbos by the "chozrim" (i.e. not the Rebbe himself) in Yiddish, and some were then translated into Hebrew and/or English.

The speeches can also be heard from Kol HaLashon by telephone. The number in Israel is 03-617-1111, and in the U.S. 718-395-2440.

(Kol HaLashon is also a great resource for a wide variety of other speeches on many topics and in many languages.)