Chassidic discourses from the Mevaser Tov series by the Biala Rebbe, translated into English and published weekly. The Rebbe's writings build upon an extensive body of primary sources, from the Gemarah and Midrash to the writings of the Baal Shem Tov and the Chassidic leaders that followed him, with a special empahsis on the giants of Polish Chassidus, including the Rebbe's own ancestors: the Yehudi HaKodesh of Peshischa, the Toldos Adam of Ostrova, the Divrei Bina of Biala, and the Rebbe's father and mentor, the Chelkas Yehoshua.

   The Rebbe delves into these ancient sources, to explain and apply them to timeless issues such as character growth and emunah, as well as the specific issues that challenge our generation, such as the role of the Jewish woman in the changing modern world, and the harmful eating habits that plague our times.
   This site serves as an archive of dozens of issues, as well as sample chapters and tables of contents of the five English volumes of Mevaser Tov that have already been published (with many more currently underway), with links to the sites where they can be purchased.
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