Hope, Prayer and Healing

Mevaser Tov Techias HaMeisim:


A Chassidic discourse on the infallible power of hope, faith and prayer to bring about miraculous salvation from terminal illness and from all forms of suffering.

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1. Never despair of Hashem's mercy

2. The two blessings of healing

3. Hashem heals the sick of His nation Israel

4. The miracle of resurrection in every generation

5. Cancer: An unnatural illness and its cure

6. Prayer for the critically ill

7. Hashem desires that we annul His decrees

8. For those the Torah considers dead

9. The power of the community’s prayers

10. Annulling the harsh decree

11. Hope: The key to salvation

12. Prayer must always succeed

13. Prayer and thanksgiving are the purpose of Creation

14. Believing in the power of prayer

15. The prayers of the generation before Moshiach

16. Every person has the power of prayer

17. Despair stems from Amalek

18. The power of thought

19. Maintaining a positive outlook

20. To bless the Jewish People with love

21. Sympathetic thoughts are a form of prayer

22. In celebration of friendship

23. The life-giving power of charity

24. Practical applications of the concepts discussed

i) Thinking positive thoughts

ii) Faith in the power of our prayers

iii) The prayers of simple people

iv) With joy we revive the dead
25. Obstacles to prayer

26. Prayers of an oppressed generation

27. Wars of prayer

28. Survival in a generation of oppression

29. Our prayers ascend together with Hashem’s

30. Mercy and kindness

31. The roots of redemption

i) Redemption must come on the heels of suffering

ii) Through tearful prayer

iii) The merit of the Forefathers

iv) Teshuva
32. Despair: A spirit of insanity that causes one to sin

33. The purpose of suffering

34. A living embodiment of prayer

35. Surrendering to Hashem

36. The cries of a child to his father

37. The sound of Teruah

38. From the innermost point of goodness

39. The Segulah of Israel

40. The obligation to believe in our Segulah

41. Give strength to Hashem

42. The Children of Israel went out with an upraised hand

43. A spiritual revival

44. The tzaddik lives by his faith

45. Rebirth through prayer

46. The martyrdom of our times

47. He saved our homes


1. Purim: A Yom Tov for all generations

2. The order of miracles

3. Harsh decrees that cannot be annulled

4. Revealed and hidden kindness

5. Esther's path of eternal hope

6. Sacrifice in both worlds

7. The power of audacious teshuva

8. Purim superseded the order of miracles

9. A celebration of the hidden miracles