Righteous Women

Merit of the Righteous Women Volume 2:

The Reward of the Righteous Women
A collection of Chassidic discourses on the great reward awaiting the righteous women for their essential role in building and protecting Jewish homes and families

Reward of the Righteous Women

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Table of Contents and Sample Chapters

Chapter One:

The Reward of the Righteous Women

1. The reward of the righteous women

2. Selfless love of Hashem

3. The righteous women nullify themselves to Hashem

4. The women refrained from sin in the desert

5. The superior wisdom of women is the source of their bitul

6. Self-sacrifice

7. The covenant of the Immahos

8. A helper beside him: The woman as an inspiration to her family

9. May Hashem guard you: with daughters

10. Serving Hashem together

11. All of my wisdom and all of yours, comes from her

12. The righteous women guard and protect their husbands

13. The influence of a woman

14. Women are exempt from Torah study, and positive, time-bound mitzvos

15. The wisdom of a woman builds her home

16. The spiritual greatness of women

17. The power of a woman’s tearful prayers

18. The six hundred thousand letters of the Torah

Chapter Two

Miriam: The Spiritual Mother of Israel

1. Miriam’s passing paralleled the parah adumah

2. The parah adumah was an atonement for the Golden Calf

3. The mothers of every generation

4. The purifying power of the parah adumah

5. The power of emunah

6. Emunah and Kabbalas Hatorah

7. The emunah of the righteous women

8. The Shmuel Hanavi of every generation

9. He will rule over you
10. A helper beside him

11. Between Noach and Avraham

B. The Waters of Miriam: A Wellspring of Torah

1. The waters of Miriam

2. The fragrance of the Avos’ mitzvos

3. The woman is the strength behind her husband

4. She guards and protects her husband’s Torah

5. All that is attached to the pure is itself pure

6. The dwelling place of the Shechinah is created through bitul

7. Through the Torah, man and woman become complete

8. The tzaddikim who willingly endure difficult marriages

Chapter Three:

The Tears of Rochel

1. Rochel cries over her children

2. Roots of survival in the Golus

3. The courage of the midwives

4. The royal houses of Israel

5. Miriam the Prophetess was equal to Moshe and Aharon

6. Temimus

7. The power of tzenius

8. The mercy of women

9. The covenant of the Immahos is everlasting

10. The hidden influence of the mothers of Israel

11. The compassion of the Immahos

12. Rochel’s silent sacrifice

13. Through your silence shall you live

14. The honour of Hashem must remain hidden

15. Serving Hashem with tzenius

16. Tzenius is the source of nobility

17. A mother of Israel

18. Rochel, the greatest of the Immahos

19. The power of a woman’s prayers
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